07/03/2016 - Press release

IFP School launching 2nd edition of specialized Oil & Gas MOOC with the support of Total

Following the huge success of its inaugural course (21,800 students, 28% of whom received certification, twice as high as the average figure for MOOC1s) IFP School, with the support of Total, is launching a new specialized MOOC session in the oil and gas industry, Oil & Gas: From Exploration to Distribution.

Offered in English with French subtitles, the MOOC will be taught for four weeks from March 14th 2016. Registration is open at http://mooc.oil-and-gas.ifp-school.com/.

The second course offers the same ingredients that made the first one such a success:

  • The collaboration between two key and complementary players, IFP School and Total.
  • Appealing course material, free of charge and open to all, on the oil and gas value chain: stakeholders, economics issues, strategic stakes and challenges facing the industry, exploration and production, refining and marketing.
  • Interactive and entertaining innovations in education, including mini video games.

This year’s MOOC has also been enhanced with new features: a strengthened tutoring system to accompany the learners, an “advanced game” for those completing the MOOC and topical interviews about the oil industry.

For more information, watch the presentation video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzfoD2qYVsQ.





1 MOOC: Massive Open Online Courses that are free of charge and accessible to all.